Sports in Marrakech


No one can deny that sport is very important, and all nations give it a great importance, not only for its positive effects for the health, but also the sport can be a good chance for an important investment, and in morocco there are several genres of sports that have been practiced in this country, for example: foot-ball, athletism, tennis…etc. also many sports events are organized every year in morocco, for example: Horse riding, golf, water sports, skiing, Camel Trekking, mountain biking, motor sports, aerial sports…etc. and I will mention in this article, some sports events that are organized in Marrakech, also I will tackle some of the sports spaces in this city.

Many important sport events are organized in the ochre city, for instance: Morocco tennis Tour that takes place in the royal club of Marrakech with the participation of many tennis men who belong to different nationalities, also there is WTCC RACE OF MOROCCO, MARRAKECH GRAND PRIX that has taken place in Marrakech at the first time on may 2009, and this event was very successful with the participation of many drivers from many countries.

In Marrakech, you can find several and qualified spaces for sport, such as palmerie golf, swimming pools in all hotels, stadiums (el harthi stadium and Marrakech new stadium …) Oukeymden station for mountainous sports…

Marrakech is paradise for a sports enthusiast as there are several outdoor sports, water sports, adventure sports and winter sports activities available here. Those who come looking for sports in Marrakech, are more than happy with what they find. Some popular sports in Marrakech are:

Swimming in Marrakech

There is a public swimming pool in the Rue des ramparts (Piscine municipal) and a lot of hotels (hotels above the 3*-category almost) have swimming pools.

Horse Riding in Marrakech

Here in Marrakech, you can get on the horse back and gallop around at the:

  • Royal Club Euquestre
  • Ranch de la Palmeraie
  •  Hôtel Club Sport Roserai Ourigane

Bicycling in Marrakech

Those who like cycling can rent bicycles from the hotels for whole or half day and paddle round the city at their own leisure. A bicycle costs about 45/35DH for a whole/half day.

In short, we can say that Marrakech is the cit of sports par excellence, because in this beautiful city, you will get an exiting opportunity to practice many sports in all seasons, and the enjoyment is guaranteed, so don’t hesitate to came and to accommodate you place in order to have an extra-ordinary vacation and certainly, you will not have the chance to enjoy the sport in any other place. And be sure of the fact that everything is customized for your happiness.

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